New plugin: Address Autocomplete

I am very excited to announce a new plugin by WP Sunshine: Address Autocomplete! It comes in both Free and Premium flavors.

Address Autocomplete is my favorite feature on any e-commerce site or any time I need to fill out my address on a website. I recently built it into the core of Sunshine Photo Cart because of how helpful I think it can be during the checkout process.

Like our Confetti plugin, the development on this plugin came as a result of my client work. The custom WooCommerce setup I created for the project uses address fields for more than just billing and shipping but for building an address book of people you want to send gifts for. There are many address autocomplete plugins for WooCommerce that already exist but none of them would work beyond the default billing/shipping addresses that we had custom created. As a result, I had to create a custom version anyway to work with all the project’s needs. Once done, I realized I could build a plugin that allowed a Google address suggestion and autocomplete to be added to anything on a WordPress-powered site and could thus work with any other WordPress plugins.

What is Address Autocomplete

Address autocomplete is a form feature that suggests addresses to your user as they type. Clicking a selected address will then populate all the relevant fields in your form making it quicker and easier for your user to complete.

How it works

By using CSS selectors (don’t worry non-tech person, it is easier than you think and a simple help article and video is available!), you can add Address Autocomplete to anything! Provide a selector for which input field on your page you want to trigger the address autocomplete when a user types, and then the CSS selectors to target for the address data that is returned from Google.

What you need

Of course, you need our WordPress Address Autocomplete plugin. Then, you only need to get a Google Maps API key. Although billing info is required, most sites will never be charged as the free limit is quite high.

Premium Version

Our premium version includes one-click support for WooCommerce and Gravity Forms to start with additional form, e-commerce, LMS, and other automated plugin support will be coming! This means you don’t even have to look up CSS selectors to configure the address autocomplete within those plugins. Also, you get access to many more data points beyond basic address fields which you can use to populate a form including latitude, longitude, neighborhood, and many more.

About the Author
Derek Ashauer is the sole developer at WP Sunshine. He also does client work through his agency AshWebStudio where he has been working with WordPress since 2005.